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BIG Cyber offers a state-level, military grade 24/7 monitoring SOC with proactive threat hunting, fully managed cyber awareness training services and penetration testing, including vulnerability assessments.

Trust, prestige, cyber sanity, digital resilience, systems, and data integrity are key attributes for nowadays long-term successful business.

Security Operation Centre services, digital shields, dynamic cyber solutions are critical acquisitions to ensure business continuity, resilience, and long-term sustainable development.


Tribal Gaming

Tribal governments, agencies and local authorities, commercial entities such as gambling operators and health facilities remain under a heightened alert for cyber-attacks.


With the exponential growth in the casino industry for on-ground and online betting, the industry has become a target for ill-intended cyber actors.


Cybersecurity is becoming paramount for gaming industry in every vertical due to increasingly complex technology and network infrastructure in an augmented digital risk environment.


The high-grade digitalization, valuable data assets, their essential posture within society, significant revenues generator business are making the healthcare providers some of the most wanted targets for cyber perturbators.

Financial services

Financial services are the lifeline of the economic ecosystem of any modern state. Unfortunately, this puts them squarely in the sights of cyber criminals.

Critical Infrastructure

Cyber-attacks on power grids, telecommunication networks, transport systems or governments overall can paralyze entire modern societies.

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